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An artful story spun with precision

Suryaamba Spinning Mills Limited

Suitings, Knitting, Technical Textiles and Furnishing Yarn
(The company manufactures Synthetic Ring Spun Yarn for weaving, Product Suitings, knitting, Technical Textiles, Furnishing Yarn and embroidery and other industrial applications and specialized products according to customer requirements as follows:

100% Polyester Yarns

  • Flame Retardants
  • Super Micro (6.0D) and Micro Deniers (0.8D)
  • Optical White
  • Cationic Super Dye
  • Green Certified
  • Trilobal
  • Sewing Threads
  • Optical White Sewing Threads
  • Fancy Polyester
  • Dope Dyed Yarn and Melange Yarn

Polyester/Viscose Yarns

  • Bright Polyester/ Viscose
  • Trilobal/ Viscose
  • 2D Polyester/ Viscose
  • Cationic/ Viscose
  • Polyester/ Modal
  • Fancy Polyester/ Viscose

Viscose Yarns

  • Modal
  • Micro Modal (0.9D)
  • Bright Viscose
  • Fancy Viscose

Other Blends

  • Polyester/ Flex
  • Polyester/ Cotton Citra
  • Cotton/ Flax
  • Bamboo

Fancy Yarns

  • Slubs
  • Neps
  • Super Short Slubs
  • TNT Yarns
  • Fancy Spun/ Filament
  • Fancy Spun/ Mono Filament Cover