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Making a Difference

Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) found a place in corporate lexicon, it was already textured into our Group’s value systems. While carrying forward this philosophy, our legendary leader, Mr Virender Kumar Agarwal, weaved in the concept of ‘sustainable livelihood and development’, which transcended chequebook philanthropy. Working on his footsteps, the organization is working on a social and economic development of communities in which we operate.

We encourage gender equality, and hence women employment remains strong in our company.Our workforce’s wellbeing is primarily our concern and hence heath checkups and eye camps are conducted annually in the organization.We promote cultural activities in the premises of the plant to ensure bonding within the community.To make a difference, we invest in and try to enrich our workplace, our community.

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is a continuously evolving philosophy. We believe in constantly reviewing our CSR policies and refining them as we become economically more empowered and consequently socially empowered to continuously raise the bar on what we consider right and wrong and go far beyond legal requirements in all spheres.. We have always believed ‘people’ are the driving forces that propel an organization towards progress and success and in subsequently striving towards creating an envious that offers them the freedom to give of their best.