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An artful story spun with precision

Suryaamba Spinning Mills Limited

Offering wide range of Fancy, Synthetic Yarns in Grey, Dyed and Melange Single and Multi Fold, Suiting, Knitwear, Chenille Fabrics, Sewing Threads, Sweater Knitting and Shawls Rexine.


100% Polyester Yarns

  • Flame Retardants
  • Super Micro (6.0D) and Micro Deniers (0.8D)
  • Optical White
  • Cationic Super Dye
  • Green Certified
  • Trilobal
  • Sewing Threads
  • Optical White Sewing Threads
  • Fancy Polyester
  • Dope Dyed Yarn and Melange Yarn
  • Dope Dyed Reverse Twist Yarn (Black & Colors)
  • Dope Dyed core spun Yarn with 70 Denier and 40 Denier Lycra

Polyester/Viscose Yarns

  • Bright Polyester/ Viscose
  • Trilobal/ Viscose
  • 2D Polyester/ Viscose
  • Cationic/ Viscose
  • Polyester/ Modal
  • Fancy Polyester/ Viscose
  • Dope Dyed core spun P/V Yarn with 70 Denier and 40 Denier Lycra

Viscose Yarns

  • Modal
  • Micro Modal (0.9D)
  • Bright Viscose
  • Fancy Viscose
  • Viscose Dope Dyed Yarns

Other Blends

  • Polyester/ Flex
  • Polyester/ Cotton Citra
  • Cotton/ Flax
  • Bamboo

Fancy Yarns

  • Slubs
  • Neps
  • Super Short Slubs
  • TNT Yarns
  • Fancy Spun/ Filament
  • Fancy Spun/ Mono Filament Cover
  • Custom made, Fancy Fx can be manufactured